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Kidz Kingdom’s Anti-bullying program utilizes three core pillars:

  • To Empower

  • To Equip

  • To Teach

The Bullying Stops Here!!

Kidz Kingdom understands that bullying is different from just playing around or peer conflict. It occurs when a child, or group of children, repeatedly hurts or humiliates another child.
Bullying and harassment often cause lasting physical and mental harm. It marginalizes children who are considered targets, and can negatively impact the child for years to come.
There are real consequences of not dealing with this very real issue and the cost is more than our children should have to pay.

The good new is Kidz Kingdom offers a one hour Anti-bulling Program that is designed as an interactive multi-media presentation that is engaging, impact-full, and fun.


We leave each child with the knowledge and tools to make a difference in the fight against bullying.

Along with our mascot King Kumba we are able to bring the message of "The Bullying Stops Here" to life.

Happy Kids Huddle


We Empower the kidz with knowledge and understanding about the affects that bullying has on those being bullied.


Without understanding no real change will happen.


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We equip kidz with the emotional and verbal tools they need in order to recognize bullying, in all its various forms, and the steps they can take to stand against it.



For the bullied and the bully, knowing their Self-worth, having Compassion for one another, and being

accountable to each other will bring about the change we all want to see.


Happy Kids with Books